Dental Implants or Dental Bridges? Which to choose?

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When people lose one or several teeth, they usually want a replacement that gives both functionality and aesthetics. And the common question is, what are better implants or bridges? This blog post will look at comparable factors such as the processes involved, durability, and design, so you can make the best decision. And we’ll also recommend an excellent dental implants placement clinic in Warren, MI. 

What are Dental Implants and Bridges?

Dental implants are surgical fixtures placed in your jaw that are allowed to fuse with your bone over a period of time. On the other hand, dental bridges are fixed dental restoration used to replace missing teeth by joining artificial teeth anchored to adjacent teeth

Dental implants are titanium artificial tooth roots that support a post with a replacement tooth. This post is the closest substitution to your natural tooth because the crown acts just like a functional and aesthetic tooth.

Dental bridges are fixed, non-removable appliances and are also an excellent way to replace missing teeth. The porcelain fixed bridge is the most popular because it is made to look a lot like your natural teeth.

How long does the Dental Implant and the Dental Bridge Last?

Dental implants are made of titanium metal cylinders which makes them more durable and incredibly resistant to tooth decay and gum problems. Implants can replace individual teeth without affecting your other teeth, which makes routine hygiene checkups easier and they can last a lifetime. 

Dental bridges involve at least three crowns attached to fill the missing tooth gap. But its design can pose a challenge when it comes to brushing and flossing. The average lifespan for dental bridges is between 5 and 7 years before they lose their natural appearance and functionality.

Dental implants are more durable than dental bridges as they offer between 15 years and a lifetime of protection. If you are looking for more information on both options, schedule an appointment with Dr. Sonia Kaur-Singh at Your Neighborhood Dentist in Warren, MI.

What Do Getting Dental Implants and Bridges involve?

Your dentist appointment before getting implants will include a panoramic x-ray and a comprehensive oral evaluation of your teeth. Based on this evaluation, your dentist would determine if a dental implant is an option for you. If yes, a CT scan and models are taken of the jaw and teeth to determine what is needed for the implant. Then under sedation, your dentist drills a small hole into your jawbone and screws the base carefully into your bone, placing your gum over the dental implant so it can heal. Once the implant base has healed efficiently, your dentist will fit a connector into the top of your dental implant and position the crown on top of this connector using a small screw and special dental cement.

Getting a dental bridge usually requires two or more visits to the dentist also. During the first visit, two anchoring teeth are prepared and a highly accurate impression (mold) is sent to the dental lab where the bridge is made. On the second visit, your permanent bridge will be checked, adjusted, and cemented to achieve the proper fit.

Dental Implants in Warren, MI

If you need bridges and crowns in Warren, MI, visit Your Neighborhood Dentist. They have years of experience replacing missing teeth with attractive and fully functional dental implants and bridges in Warren, MI. Their passion and integrity for their work allow them to create beautiful smiles for their patients. Book an appointment here or call (586) 573 4970.


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